[Sales background] Instagram is behind the KUROKIN hit. Overturning common sense of tools with "#KUROKIN"

Reaction to #KUROKIN exceeded expectations

ーーI heard that it wasn't originally called "KUROKIN".

Tsujita: Yes, when it was first released, it was sold in a series called "Black&Gold".
However, from the beginning, we called it "Kurokin" as it looked.
It was easier to call that way(lol)

Therefore, we changed “Black&Gold” to “KUROKIN”, which was popular within the company, and created a logo.
It is not just a series, but an independent brand.

Hayashi : The design was also reconstructed.
At first, I drew a picture of a dragon on the package and put a big Fujiya logo on it, but I brushed it up to make it as simple and stylish as possible, and I made it into the world of KUROKIN. I built it up.

――You are also putting effort into SNS.

Hayashi : Originally, our company's products were mainly sold through trading companies to retailers.
The problem was that there weren't many opportunities for users to see the new products in person.
I wanted to somehow increase the chances of people seeing it, so I started posting on Instagram so that it would be seen directly by users.

Tsujita: At first, you used the hashtag "Kurogane" to post product introductions.
But there were too many other posts with "#Kurogane", so it was hard to connect with our products.
So, I started posting with "#KUROKIN", which has a small number of posts.
Then, little by little, users began to use this tag to post "I bought a cool tool."

Hayashi : At first, whenever I found a user's post like that, I would comment "thank you" (laughs).
Also, we would like to receive comments such as "Where can I buy it?" from users on our posts.
Insta has become a communication tool between our company and users.
Now, if you search for #KUROKIN, the post will be filled with Fujiya's KUROKIN.

ーーSo the reaction was better than expected.

Hayashi : That's right.
There were also unexpected events.
KUROKINWhen I posted a series of articles.
In order to create a consistent image, I projected some prototypes of screwdrivers and electrical scissors that hadn't yet been serialized at the edges.
Then, I received many inquiries from users asking, "Where do you sell it?"

Tsujita: You also got a call to the sales contact number.
The reception was also confused.
"I've never heard of such a product being released" (laughs).

Hayashi : I'm sorry I caused you trouble at that time.
After that, in response to the feedback, we also commercialized screwdrivers and electric scissors!

――What other reactions did you receive?

Hayashi : You've started connecting with other users on Instagram.
Starting with "I bought a cool tool", I made comments such as "How is it comfortable to use?" and "Does it cut well?"

Tsujita :KUROKIN not only has a superior design, but also a higher level of functionality. .
Users who saw it posted and reviewed it again, and it spread by word of mouth.

Hayashi : They even take pictures of the product's functionality and post it on Instagram, saying, "It's so convenient ! ."
For example, a shackle for attaching a fall prevention cord, or pliers with a function to correct the thread of a thread.
It was well received by the craftsmen because it was possible to correct the threads with just pliers.

One corner of the store is KUROKINcolor

ーWhat was the reputation of the store?

Tsujita: It was well received on SNS when it first went on sale, but it's not so good at stores.
Because each item has a different sales floor, KUROKIN, which is based on black, was buried in other tools and didn't stand out much.
Users who didn't know about KUROKIN didn't get the appeal.

Hayashi : Sales at stores weren't high, so as a retailer, I could feel the merit of selling KUROKIN side by side without other products. I don't think so.

ーーWhat triggered the change in wind direction?

Tsujita : I made a proposal, "Why don't you make a cool sales floor?"
KUROKIN are arranged against a black panel, and KUROKIN is created in the 1 corner.

Hayashi : However, at first our sales staff were against it.
If you line up black tools on a black background, the product will not stand out. Even with
, I persuaded him that the world view of KUROKIN would not be conveyed unless it was black, so he insisted on creating a black-based sales floor.

ーーHow was the reaction?

Tsujita : First of all, it was very well received by retailers, and they put it in a conspicuous place in the store. I did it," and posted a photo of the sales floor.

Hayashi : I've heard that customers often stop by because it looks cool when it's all black.
Looking at the situation, the sales staff seemed to agree (laughs).
Until now, many of the tools have been in vivid colors such as red and blue, and black tools are rare in the world.
KUROKIN overturned the common sense of the tool industry.

Tsujita:Nowadays, we refer to dealers who share our desire to revitalize the industry as "KUROKIN partner shops."
In the future, we would like to work together to create even cooler sales floors.

is DM in Arabic. KUROKIN Popularity Spreading Overseas

ーーIs there a reaction from overseas?

Tsujita : That's right.
I received a DM from YouTuber from Brazil saying "I want to introduce a product" via Instagram.
There are distributors in Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, etc., but I was surprised that they did not sell in Brazil

Hayashi: There was a time when DM came to me in Arabic.
I managed to reply using GoogleTranslate (laughs).
Since the number of inquiries from overseas has increased, we are now selling it on overseas mail-order sites, and we have also created and managed English, Taiwanese, and Korean Instagram accounts.

Tsujita: Thanks to that, recognition has increased, and now there are stores in Taiwan and South Korea that have KUROKIN corners.

ーーYour popularity is spreading all over the world through the use of Instagram.

Hayashi: Yes. KUROKIN goes great with Instagram.
We were able to create contact points with users, which was an issue, and we were able to hear real voices such as "I want this kind of product."

Tsujita : In the future, we would like to grow the brand into something that users, retailers, and manufacturers can work together to revitalize the industry.