[Sales background] The behind-the-scenes player behind KUROKIN's hits is Instagram. Overturning common sense of tools with "#KUROKIN"

Thanks to you, KUROKIN has become a hot topic not only in pro shops, but also in home centers and online shopping. However, even such KUROKIN did not sell well from the beginning . What was the story behind this hit product? Tsujita from the planning department and Hayashi from the design department look back on those days.

I asked the blade craftsman. "Check here of pliers and nippers!" ~Sharpness of nipper blades~

Fujiya has a department of craftsmen who specialize in edging. Sharpening is the process of sharpening the blade with a file to make it sharper. This time, we will talk about nipper blades that affect the sharpness of blade craftsmen 8-year Matsui and 1-year Nishio I asked about the secret of this and how to check the sharpness of your nippers.